Bubblegum-Man #3!!

Sneak peek at the cover. It’s gonna rock, y’all. If you’ve never read my comic before, START HERE!

B-Man 3 Cover

Issue 3 drops September 1. Be ready.

(That’s September. Not August. Just in time for Labor Day. Plus, more time to get Issue 4 up here!)

Bubblegum-Man 1.20

B-Man 1.20

And there you have it! Issue 1 wrapped up in time for Halloween. Thanks for playing along. Hope y’all enjoyed issue 1!

Issue 2 is on its way, so stay tuned!

Bubblegum-Man 1.17

B-Man 1.17


Getting toward the end of issue 1. Gonna try and have issue 2 come out before next summer, but we’ll see. Grad school’s keeping me pretty busy. I’ll try to get everything scanned in over the holidays, but it may take me a bit longer. In the meantime, feel free to leave any feedback, praise, criticisms, suggestions, or or declarations of undying love you may have in the comments below!

Bubblegum-Man 1.15

B-Man 1.15


So, panel 3. Are all the pinks, purples, and reds clashing? Sound off in the comments below!

Bubblegum-Man 1.8

B-Man 1.8

Good news! Issue 2 is all drawn, inked, and colored. Now for the tricky part, the scanning. My usual process is to go to FedEx/Kinko’s, get my scans done (1-5 at a shot, more on that in a bit), and grab some Wendy’s on the way back. Because even crimefighters must eat.

The only issue I have with FedEx/Kinko’s is their pricing consistency. Namely, their lack of it. My first time there, they wanted to charge me $200 to scan all of issue one. I wound up scanning only the cover page for about 5 bucks. The second time I went, they charged me $1 per page. For the next few weeks, it was $1 a scan until my last few scans, when the price went up to $5 a pop. The employee I spoke with told me that $20 for 4 color scans was more than reasonable. Apparently, only monochrome pictures are eligible for dollar scans. This makes perfect sense because color costs a lot more to reproduce electronically. Tiny men in nano-ships have to haul sub-atomic paint supplies around to color in each pixel one by one. And that’s after they have to go down to the color mines at the center of the earth to find all those cyan, yellow, and magenta photons. It’s an exhausting process.

I’ve come to depend on FedEx/Kinko’s for my scanning needs. That’s my fault. I draw the comic on 11×14-inch paper, and my home scanner isn’t big enough to scan it all in one piece. Maybe I’ll take a lesson from Winston Rowntree and start scanning each page by section?

Ah, well. Happy August!