The Danger of Satire

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday. Sticking to this weekly schedule has been a bit of a challenge when a lot of my ideas for posts are satirical. For example, today I was thinking it might be funny to do a satirical post on America's overcrowded prisons and bloated justice system by suggesting that … Continue reading The Danger of Satire

Annual Politics Post – 2020

I have opinions on politics. My opinions are, depending on who you ask, divisive, silly, uncompromising, idealistic, and/or flat-out wrong. Yet I am compelled to share these ideas because I am just self-absorbed enough to think that someone out there wants to know them. To mediate this unfortunate compulsion, I'm only going to write one … Continue reading Annual Politics Post – 2020

Concerns Regarding Disney’s buy-out of Fox

It's a simple enough concept. Power and trust have an inverse relationship, at least where the human race is concerned. This has been true in government, business, and religion with few exceptions. Today, Disney purchased Fox Studios. X-Men, Fantastic Four, and I assume everything created by Groening and McFarlane now owned by a single company. … Continue reading Concerns Regarding Disney’s buy-out of Fox

How to Survive as an Autistic Adult in America

Lots of HFA/Aspie/autistic adults such as myself may find it difficult to do even the simplest of non-disabled tasks. Tasks such as driving a car, moving out of your parents' house, or even finding someone cute who likes you back can be monumental hurdles for adults with disabilities, especially if those disabilities are primarily mental, … Continue reading How to Survive as an Autistic Adult in America