Last Dragon Day – May 8

English literature is awash with great heroes. One of literature’s most venerable heroes is the star of the anonymously-authored Beowulf. This bold Viking set out to save his lord Hrothgar’s people from a vicious monster called Grendel, slew the monster’s mother and her brood of sea serpents. After these exploits, the author claims that Beowulf participates in […]

Thirty Is Pretty Great

So. I don’t  have a comic for you this week. Probably won’t  have one next week. Will try to get one up by the holidays, but I think we may be looking at a June release, at the earliest. Very sorry. Grad school has proven a bigger bear than I anticipated. Scratch that. It’s proven […]

The Emerald Sword – Book Update

Hey guys! Well, I sent off my first query letter for “The Emerald Sword” last week and received my first rejection. So exciting! I’ll be sending out more query letters this week. If you haven’t checked out the latest blog post, you should! Warning: There may be spoilers for the new Superman movie “Man of […]