Why Iron Man 2 is the Superior Iron Man

A lot of people jeered Iron Man 2 on its initial release. They claimed the movie focused too much on setting up the Avengers and offered little in terms of a sequel. Those people were right, but their analysis was incomplete. Current advancements in digital technology now make it possible to enjoy Iron Man 2 … Continue reading Why Iron Man 2 is the Superior Iron Man

State of the Conq – 9/27/20

Hey, y'all. Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy growing my grant-writing business, reading epic fantasy, and not really working on my novel all that much. I've also been promoting my comic! Managed to give away/sell 10 copies of #1 and may do the same with #2 pretty soon. Bubblegum-Man is heading into #3 … Continue reading State of the Conq – 9/27/20