Bubblegum-Man 1.3

B-Man 1.3It’s one thing to draw all the characters, eye lasers, and word balloons. It’s the environment, natural and man-made, that takes most of the work. See, most folks — even those with very little in the way of personal effects — live in cluttered houses. Even if their homes contain nothing more than a worn blanket and a rusty bucket, those items are important. The artist cant’ just skip them.

I mean, what kind of scientist lives in a yellow house that’s practically empty? One drawn by a lazy artist, that’s what–aw, heck. Anyway, that’s why Den Labs is filled with hamsters. Had to draw something in the background, and I honestly didn’t think to draw TVs, bookcases, shelves, printers, or framed photographs of Paul Erdos.


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