Moving to Substack

So. I have a newsletter now as a writer. I've got about 60 subscribers. This blog has about 100 subscribers, and I'm 90% sure that 90 of y'all are bots. Starting in February, I'll be closing this blog down and publishing all future blog-type content through Substack instead. Now don't worry. This website will continue … Continue reading Moving to Substack

Why I Don’t Drive

It's no secret that those without cars are second-class citizens. Not having a car in America, especially in the suburban sprawl of metro-Atlanta, makes you a pariah. People look at you funny. You're passed over for job openings, rejected as a romantic partner, and generally considered lacking in ambition, confidence, and ability. In other words, … Continue reading Why I Don’t Drive

Rejected Short Stories – How The Lonely Prince Found Peace

This is one of my Jack stories. They're a series of modern fables revolving around a solitary protagonist named Jack. Sometimes Jack is a prince, other times he's just a wanderer. In this story, he's not referred to by name. This story was rejected back in 2014 as well. -- How the Lonely Prince Found … Continue reading Rejected Short Stories – How The Lonely Prince Found Peace