IHST – On the Name of the Lord

Remember when we did these every week? Ah. Those were the days. Speaking of awesome things, my book is done…er…again! Had some editing to do these last few weeks, and now I’m really feeling my book is ready to go out there. Granted, that’s what I said last time…Ah well. Anyway, if any of you […]

IHST – On the Invention of Birds

  When I was about 11 or 12, I got a pet bird for Christmas. She (or he, we never did get the gender sorted out) was a bright green and yellow budgie. I named her “Quiver.” A short while later, we got another pet bird, a blue and white budgie I named Mr. Bluebird. […]

IHST – What’s Satire?

Today’s “In His Spare Time” is a bit different, starring national patron saints as opposed to angels. Originally, I brought in the patrons to enable me to take a jab at politics. Today’s patron saints are St. Joan of Arc (France) and St. Patrick (Ireland). Sam is an original character I created to be patron […]

IHST – 9/10/13

  Realize I may be a bit late on this one. Ask me in the comments if I care! Seriously, though, “Dogma” is a great film. It is a bit weak on theology, but it’s still enjoyable. Plus, Alanis Morrissette is in it. One day, I’ll learn how to spell her name properly…