Why I Believe

This is a topic I’ve brought up on a previous blog, but as that blog no longer exists, I feel it fair to reiterate my five points on why I believe in God. Now, there are many proofs for the existence of God as a being. This is not one of those. This post is why I believe in the Abrahamic deity in particular. These are personal points, not intended as proselytization. Rather, my intent is to inform those who may be curious why anyone would believe in a deity who appears to sanction genocide, rape, and murder. (He doesn’t, but this isn’t a Biblical studies class, so I’ll spare you.)

Reason #5: Because America

Understand, I am not saying that not having a religion or not following the Christian religion makes anyone unAmerican. Far from it. Religious freedom is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, despite the spotty history of its honoring. Rather, I am saying that as a dabbler in philosophy, I have a firm belief that so-called human rights are natural rights. That these rights originate from Nature in the sense that they rest on the bedrock of infallible Truth personified in Jesus Christ and enforced by the Father and the Holy Spirit. That is what makes these rights inalienable. They cannot be taken away by mortal beings because they do not originate from the mortal realm.

In a sense, natural laws are not natural at all but rather supernatural.

No one can take away the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (Though as it pertains to property, that may not be quite as accurate as claimed by Mr. Locke. It’s hard to say anyone has a “right” to a physical object.) The right to personal freedom, to life, to justice. These are things which do not originate with mortals but with the immortal realm. They are set in the foundations of the universe by the Creator(s) of said universe and as such cannot be taken away.

Continental Congress | History, Members, & Significance | Britannica
Belief in something greater is required to accomplish something great.

It is this belief which fuels revolutions, protests, and all efforts toward forging a better civilization on this planet. If everything comes from human effort, everything can be destroyed or taken away by human effort. It makes all our rights merely transitory privileges which can be suspended or revoked by an uncaring, impersonal government.

And I do not hold to that.

I personally believe that some power greater than myself is the final arbiter of my rights. This belief gives me strength, conviction, and willingness to work for a better world. I may very well be wrong, but if I am, I’m happy to be remain so.

Reason #4: Because I’m Powerless

I’m not going to bore you with a narrative of my personal foibles. Suffice to say, I’ve struggled for a long time with food. With craving food, devouring food, sacrificing for food. Only my higher power can free me from such obsession. Only God can preserve me from sin. My personal willpower is useless in that respect because in that respect, my will is divided. Part of me greatly enjoys sin. That part of me must die. It’s not gone yet, but I’m working on it.

Reason #3: Because It’s Enjoyable

I love my Catholic faith. I love the colors, the rituals, the statues, the paintings. I love the way the air moves through the vast empty spaces of the cathedral. I love the way the organ’s music vibrates my bones. I love the homilies given by truly touched priests. I love my fellow worshippers. I love that communion is a miracle in which the divine becomes something we can consume and become one with. It’s fascinating. It invigorates me. It gives me energy for the day.

Reason #2: Because It Gives Hope

There is no mistaking that this world is done. Civilization is an experiment which, while showing some signs of progress, has failed too many people. Power corrupts all. Even the best of us, with the best of intentions, when given the chance, will turn on each other like a pack of wild dogs.

Actually, I take that back. Wild dogs show loyalty to each other. Humans, given the chance, will devour each other like a pack of wild humans. There is no other way to state this. There is something morally bankrupt in the human race, or at least among the more powerful, privileged classes.

I see myself as very privileged. As complicit as any one of us. I know very well where my wealth comes from. I know why my T-shirt costs 10 dollars. I know why the meat we buy is so plentiful. Why it’s so easy to travel from one town to another. I know where my trash goes. And I just don’t care. If I did, I’d be doing something about it. But I do not. Hence, I am complicit. Just as you are.

This is not an indictment. This is simply stating an inconvenient truth. You are welcome to dismiss my ramblings as one of “those people.” Some dirty leftist masquerading as a devout Catholic.

But understand my faith is what gives me hope in the face of all this gloom. I believe wholeheartedly that justice shall be carried out, visited upon me and all of us. Only God’s mercy will save us in the end. Just as it will deliver those we keep in shadow so that the sun may shine more fully upon us.

Reason #1: Because I Saw Something

I wish I could tell you this story, but it’s very personal and somewhat graphic.

It involves me testing God and God making a very visible answer, making His presence known to me in unquestioning terms. It’s the reason I can no sooner abandon my faith than I can abandon my own mind. This experience made my faith as real to me as the moon or the sun. Maybe I saw what I wanted to see. Maybe I’m just impressionable. Maybe it was all coincidence. But I doubt it.

I apologize if this post was a bit too candid. I felt it important enough to share, at least once, on this blog. Now you can know me a little better. Don’t forget to comment, like, and share, so that I can know you a little better as well.

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