The Danger of Satire

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday. Sticking to this weekly schedule has been a bit of a challenge when a lot of my ideas for posts are satirical. For example, today I was thinking it might be funny to do a satirical post on America’s overcrowded prisons and bloated justice system by suggesting that we replace one cell block in all prisons with a gas chamber/crematorium and then systematically killing off the prisoners. After all, they “had their chance.” We don’t want them “walking the streets” when they get out. We don’t want them to get out at all, do we, if every time a politician tries to reduce prison time for offenders, they get crucified in the public eye.

I decided not to do that post for a couple reasons, but it all boils down to the danger of satire. Satire’s danger is twofold: That crazies will take it seriously as an actual suggestion. And that idiots will misinterpret the joke as endorsement and accuse me of being a fascist. Even though I’m mocking the fascism in the system by pointing out the logical conclusion to so many of the “tough on crime” talking points.

So I shy away from doing satirical posts. Too many idiots. Too many crazies.

Share your thoughts on satire in the comments below. Is it worthwhile to create satire if so many miss the joke completely? Or is that part of the enjoyment?

Anyway, back to working on this week’s short story.

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