Annual Politics Post – 2020

I have opinions on politics. My opinions are, depending on who you ask, divisive, silly, uncompromising, idealistic, and/or flat-out wrong. Yet I am compelled to share these ideas because I am just self-absorbed enough to think that someone out there wants to know them.

To mediate this unfortunate compulsion, I’m only going to write one political post per year. This is my one political post for 2020. Feel free to tune out and watch Emily in Paris on Netflix or whatever. I won’t blame you.

The election is coming. It’s always coming. Even when one election ends, two more take its place. Every election is TEH MOST IMPORTANT ELESHUN EVAAHH!!!

This time, we in America are voting on the President (We’re voting on a lot of stuff this year, but no one cares about any of that because we’re super-lazy).

Trump is probably going to win. He’s the incumbent, and incumbents normally win US elections. This is an open secret. Our two major political parties, Heckle and Jekyll, are well aware of this, which is why neither puts forth a viable candidate when the other is in office. That’s why the Republicans gave us the wonderful John McCain as a candidate in 2008 before churning out Mitt “Flat-top” Romney in 2012. That’s why the Democrats slapped together John Kerry in 2004 before delivering Obama on a beam of white light in 2008.

Incumbents always win, so Heckle and Jekyll only really try when the incumbent’s out of terms.

Our country is run by a bunch of penny-pinching, wait-til-the-last-minute, scoundrels. The sort of people who dragged your group down whenever the teacher assigned you to a project and laughed with their friends while you did all the work.

Of course, MY representatives aren’t like that.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of talk regarding the gap between rich and poor in this country, and for good reason. Taxes on the wealthiest 1% are low, when they aren’t avoided outright. Say what you will about excise tax or whatever (I’m terrible at finance), Jeff Bezos could stand to chip in more than a couple bucks comparatively when it comes to the public good.

The problem as regards rich vs. poor and oppression and all of that is the problem of wealth. The wealthy hoard. It’s what they do. It’s how they got wealthy. The socialists and some Democrats believe the way to remedy this is to raise taxes to pay for government programs to serve the poor and oppressed, i.e. to spread/redistribute the wealth.

But, if taxes are raised, the wealthy will turn around and layoff American workers, so that their own wealth may not diminish. Again, protecting their money is what they do. It’s why they’re wealthy. They will layoff American workers and invest more heavily in underpaid/slave labor.

There has only been one way historically to break this cycle. That way is armed revolution. But, again, historically, this doesn’t quite work. What happens is that the revolutionaries, upon acquiring the wealth from the deceased upper-class, decide that the best way to redistribute the wealth is through their own pockets. Thus, they become the new wealthy. The poor are screwed once again.

There are, I think, two more effective ways of dealing with the problem of wealth (which is really the same as the problem of power). The first way is to destroy it. After the revolution, destroy the wealth of the former elites. Don’t redistribute it. This is easy to do in our digital age. It just takes a keystroke. Delete the wealth, lest we be tempted to become the monsters we have cast down.

This will, of course, never happen.

The other course, the one which I feel most effective and which we can do right now without an armed revolution, is to turn to God. Look to the One through Whom and in Whom we have our being and raise our consciousnesses to a new age of peace and enlightenment.

This will, of course, never happen either.

In summary, the Right in this country worships Self-Reliance to the point where any attempt to help someone with needs is met with terrified shrieks of “Socialism!” Meanwhile, the Left is so up its own butt, they see everything right of Marx as fascist bigotry. Which is just as nonsensical. This is why I’m voting Third Party this year. With all due respect, screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.

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