Book Update 8/15/20

Good news, folks! I recently redid the ending to my novel. Now instead of being the first of a trilogy, the entire plot fits in one compact volume. Sitting pretty at 90,000 words, which is just within range for adult fantasy fiction. In other words, that much easier to sell. Currently waiting on some feedback, then it’s one more round of edits and off to the agents. Good stuff.

You may have noticed some changes around the blog. I’ve updated to be the hub for all my writing projects, including grant-writing services. My novel The Tang of Fate has its own website, as well, so check that out. It’s not much right now. May have to commission some art or something to drum up support. We’ll see…

In other news, I’ve started collecting Warhammer 40k because as established elsewhere, I am insane and have poor judgment. I’ve also started rebuilding my collection of Z-Bots. Is it weird I’m more excited about overspending for 30-year-old robot toys than overspending on brand-new toy soldiers? Pics below.

A gathering of skeletal robots and a crescent-shaped hovercraft. One of the robots holds a staff and orb. Another holds a scythe and orb. The others hold powerful plasma weapons.
Some of the Necrons I’ve bought.

Why Necrons, you ask? Because they are the Horseman of Death in the Apocalyptic scenario which is 40k. As such, they are the cleansing fire that will sweep across the galaxy, scouring it of the bigotry of humanity, the arrogance of the Aeldari, the mindless gluttony of the Tyrandis, the wanton slaughter of the Orks, and the pure evil that is chaos. The only hope for 40k lies in the complete obliteration of the setting, and the Necrons are perfect for that. That’s right. The Necrons are the good guys because nihilism.

Four tiny robots, multicolored. One holds a yellow orb, another comes with a sword. One has a visor, and the other has a clawed hand and a cannon arm.
These are Z-Bots, and they are perfect.

Z-Bots came out in the early-to-mid-1990s as an offshoot of Micro Machines. With no comics, cartoons, or novels to go on, I had to make up stories for all these little guys, and boy did I! I crafted a saga that spans the stars, and if Galoob ever wants to publish stories based on the Z-Bots property, they know where to find me.

Oh! Nearly forgot. I printed off 10 issues of Bubblegum-Man #1. If you’d like a copy, reach out to me in the comments below or via email, and I’ll send you one!

That’s all for now. See ya in the funny papers!

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