Book News: 6/20/20

Listening to classic rock while I type in our book update for today. Current draft is complete! Sending it out to a couple more people to look over. At least the first three chapters. If those are good, I should be ok.

Classic rock figures because I’m a very old-fashioned kind of guy. I like old TV shows and old movies, old comics and old novels. I like the new stuff too. I’m just not as familiar with it. I think it comes from having older parents who preferred older things themselves. My mom loves antiquing, and I love older toys. There you go.

My novel is somewhat old-fashioned in the sense that it’s a quest story. Those are harder to sell nowadays in fantasy circles. The whole “Chosen One” trope has been done to death. Heck, it had been done to death by the time Robert Jordan came around, and that was 30 years ago now.

Anyway, my novel does have a twist on the chosen one trope, though you don’t know it until the very end. I can’t tell you what it is, but don’t worry. I’ll tell any interested agents/editors. That way, I can sell the darn thing.

And then when this book is done, I have enough material for at least one sequel. Will it be a trilogy? Maybe. Aiming for more of an ongoing series feel, opening up into a shared world at some point. That’s the dream. Create an intriguing enough setting so fanfic–ahem–other authors can come in and tell their own stories there.

This book is set during the Third Age, the last “civilized” age before the unrestricted chaos of the Fourth Age and the watery grave of the Fifth. The world is destined to eventually be run over with monsters before the sea swallows the land again. Then the cycle repeats, with the sky and the sea renewing their ages-old conflict. It’s a whole thing.

But you don’t care about that. What about the characters? Well, there’s Terrwyn, my dark-skinned, female protagonist. Is she a Strong Woman? I guess. She can fight really well. She has her own thoughts and opinions, strengths and insecurities as anyone else. Same with Calin, the shapechanger who accompanies her. Croli’s probably the most stable of the bunch. He’s the wizard/mentor figure. Gets some of the best lines. Elenne is the smarty-pants. She comes in around the two-thirds mark.

Previous feedback informed me she was giving too much exposition, so I cut that stuff back. Now I just have characters alluding to stuff without explaining it immediately after. It works. Mostly. I think it works.

Anyway, the whole thing is about 75,000 words, which is somewhat short for a fantasy novel. That’s by design. I don’t want to write another door-stopper. I love them, but they move so freakin’ slow. And I generally have three or four books going at once. Door-stoppers make it harder to read multiple books at once because you have to keep track of so much stuff.

At least I have plenty of time.

Also, I made this:

It’s cute, right?

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