What To Do: Can’t Write

Here’s seven quick things you can do to get the creative juices flowing.

Creative juices. Ew. What are creative juices anyway? Is it like blood? Some kind of special brain phlegm? Spinal fluid, maybe? Or maybe it’s cranberry juice. I bet it’s cranberry juice.

You know, I was having trouble working on the novel today. Just couldn’t seem to get in the zone. So I thought I’d make this list post about how to get the creative juices flowing. But now I’m hung up on juices. What carries creative juices? And why “juice?” Why that word? Why not “creative waters” or “creative liquids?”

And why is it plural? Is there more than one type of creative juice? Is there a diet creative juice? How many calories are in creative juices? Can you buy it at the store? Clearly not.

Do adding tags do anything to my stats? I’m guessing not since I average about 5 readers a week. Not to insult any of you. I’m sure you’re lovely people. But it’d be nice to get into double digits now and again. Ah well.

Anyway, the book is coming along. Trying to get in 1000 words a day, but it’s tough. Because I’m lazy and easily distracted.

Distracted by juices.

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