Book Update: 4/15/20

Good news, everyone! Book is still on the way. I’m in the midst of final edits as well as reworking the ending. Got some great stuff on the way. Working on character arcs and having some actual meaning behind the words. Sounds fancy, I know, and hopefully I can pull it off. We’ll see. If not, no worries. You write one book. You go write another.

Some people may be wondering what inspires someone like me? Well, I find inspiration everywhere. In the trees, in the sunlight, in the mountains, and the sea. And of course good books.

Some of my favorite authors include Ursula Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut, and Octavia Butler. I derived a ton of inspiration from Star Wars. In some ways, my story is a mix of Return of the Jedi and Conan the Barbarian. Does that make any sense? Maybe not. That’s ok. Fantasy doesn’t always make sense.

I’m just writing stream of consciousness now while I listen to the 7th Annual On Cinema Oscar Special. What is that? Well, that is another long story.

In other fantasy news, I did see Dracula this past winter on Netflix. It was amazing! Yes, even episode 3. I don’t get why people are talking about a season 2. They said they’d adapt the novel, and they did. Is it a precise adaptation? No. But neither is the Lugosi version. Frankly, I found the Netflix version to be closest to Stoker’s original text, second only to the Coppola film.

Yes, even with Keanu Reeves’s attempt at a British accent (It’s ok, Keanu. We still love you. You’re the One, after all.)

Now, you may be wondering: During this pandemic, have I been keeping busy with my writing? Of course! Lots of writing is getting done.

Have I made any new LEGO videos?

Of course I have.

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