Change is in the air…

Howdy, folks! How are we all doing during this, our month of impending doom? I’m just ducky. Spending self-quarantine with my parents is in no way driving me insane.

We got some new changes on the blog, as you can see. We’re shrugging off Optimist’s Umbrella (which never really fit the content) and embracing Conq Enterprises! But what in the world is that? It’s the hub for all my creative projects. I’ll be sharing book news here. Bubblegum-Man will be posting starting with issue 1 at Feel free to check that out if you haven’t already. Issue 4 is nearly done, and issue 5 is in the pipeline, so keep those clicks coming!

I’ll still share blog posts here as well, but since we’re in the midst of rebranding, expect more streamlined, focused content. The plan right now is for everything to update at 12am on Saturdays. So get excited for that.

In the meantime, enjoy this short video I made with LEGO.

2 thoughts on “Change is in the air…

  1. ….laughing and crying …..was so looking forward to everyone melting down and creating out of shear boredom….wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon….(the super man pj’s and the plaid dressing gown – genius!)…. more, I say, more sir!….


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