Not Dead Yet

Hey, folks. Dusting this old blog off to say hello and let you know that I have not died. I’ve just been much busier on Twitter @MrWBrust and working on World Anvil and the novel as a whole. Plus that whole full-time job thing. I also write a blog for my full-time job over here.

World Anvil is this amazing tool that lets you create entire worlds filled with cultures, characters, maps, cuisines, mythologies, basically anything you need to populate the fictional world of your design. The community is huge and the choices are immense. The site is friggin’ huge, is what I’m getting at.

Yes, I saw Endgame. That was amazing of course. We can talk about that in the comments if you want.

Also been collecting and building worlds of LEGO, but that’s another story.

Anyway, will try to be more active here as well. Blogging’s hard work. Be gentle with me.