Don’t play with electronics. Don’t carry bags of Skittles. Childhood is illegal.

Help me understand things, folks. One kid named Taylor makes a nuclear reactor. Nobody panics. Another kid named Ahmed makes a clock, and his teacher thinks it looks enough like a bomb to inform the administrators who inform the police.

Now we have folks saying the clock is a fraud. That the second kid didn’t invent anything, that he fooled us or something.

Wha? Huh? How is…that’s…guys, that is SO FAR from the point, we’ve almost hit the curve of spacetime and are beginning our journey back to relevancy.

Seriously, though. I look at this, and yes, I see racism. But I also see a culture of paranoia where kids being kids is now a criminal offense.

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I don’t agree with every action taken, word spoken, or thought thunk by any of the folks I link to on this site. No one is so intellectually lazy to agree with anyone completely on everything.