Torture is Evil.

How is this a discussion we are having in 2014 in the United States of America? Torture is evil. This entire debate is stupid, and we’re stupid for having it. Torture is evil. I don’t care if you think it works. I don’t care if you think they deserve it. Torture is evil. If you think […]

Season’s Greetings!

Some people treat “happy holidays” like a message from the Devil himself, and I have no idea why. The phrase “season’s greetings” is far clunkier and ambiguous. Are you greeting the season? Are you greeting me with seasonings? Why are you throwing garlic at people, what’s wrong with you? You should never throw garlic at anyone […]


Wow! Looks like you guys have really been enjoying my more politically-oriented, social commentary posts. Thanks for all the follows and likes the last few weeks. While so far I worry Bubblegum-Man hasn’t been well-received, my hopes is that more folks will jump on the Sticky Bus as new story arcs/issues are published! Don’t worry. […]