Summer Plans, Bubblegum-Man

IHST 07-03-2013


Remember how I said before I’m kind of an idiot?

Well, I’m kind of an idiot.

There’s no way I’ll have time to finish Bubblegum-Man #1 in time for Atlanta Comic Con. I’ll still be attending, but I’ll be freebie-free.

Here’s the new plan: Bubblegum-Man is now slated for the summer of 2014. By then, I should have two or three issues done, and I’ll be all set to hand out copies at conventions.

Provided, of course, the convention people don’t mind me handing out free stuff to people. I’m not sure what the rules are.

Oh, and I did I mention I’m making these comics available for free to you, my adoring public?

Cuz I totally am. So come to Atlanta Con and Dragon Con next summer for your free Bubblegum-Man!

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