Summer Plans, Bubblegum-Man

Ok! Remember how I said before I'm kind of an idiot? Well, I'm kind of an idiot. There's no way I'll have time to finish Bubblegum-Man #1 in time for Atlanta Comic Con. I'll still be attending, but I'll be freebie-free. Here's the new plan: Bubblegum-Man is now slated for the summer of 2014. By … Continue reading Summer Plans, Bubblegum-Man

Whatcha Workin’ On, There?

For the last five to seven years or so, I've been working on my first novel "The Emerald Sword." It's a fantasy that takes place in a world populated by knights, ladies, Spanish-speaking elves, wild buffalo, and untamed gods. It's a wild, beautiful world filled with danger and drinking. Terrwyn Cornraker, a young farmer's daughter, … Continue reading Whatcha Workin’ On, There?

Guess What?

I've finished the final draft of my novel! Hooray! Time to start seeking agents. Also, Conq Enterprises now has its own domain here at! We are up and running...sort of. There's still a few kinks that need to be hammered out. Time to grab my comically over-sized wrench and get to work.